Master membership is open to people working in frontline or support roles in bids, sales and business development who have completed an approved course of study which demonstrates expertise in the field either at the Academy Summer School or our post-webcast distance learning programme

Members with demonstrable relevant credentials may be eligible for “grandfathered” admission directly as a Master.  If you have at least three years working full time in bids, sales and business development you are welcome to apply for Master membership. References attesting to your experience may be sought

As a Master member you will be provided with a personal certificate of membership, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in the field of bids, sales and business development. You are able to access our twice monthly webcasts, including ones developed specifically by and for younger members. You will be sent weekly mailings including insights, tools and templates, and quarterly newsletters. As a Master you’ll be invited to networking and training events, the International Proposals Academy annual conference and  and be able to use our logo on your business card, website and professional communications.